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The George Washington Scholars Endowment is joining with Feed The Children as a lead partner in launching The Center for Children & Social Responsibility.

As it seeks consultative status with the United Nations, UNICEF and the national missions they represent, the Center’s Fellows and Council of Scholars will focus their research and advocacy in five areas of critical concern including: (1) The Human & Civil Rights of Children, (2) Hunger, Nutrition and Physical Wellness, (3) Arts, Education, Media and Informed Citizenship, (4) Technology, Training, Employment and Self-Reliance, and (5) Worship, Family Life and Human Flourishing.

Through this carefully articulated scope of concern The Center is working to become a critical source for researchers, media, policy makers and all who are actively engaged or genuinely concerned with protecting children and promoting their welfare.

As an initiative of Feed the Children, an international NGO serving more than 350,000 of the world’s neediest children, the Center’s mission is not merely to publish the best research, but to implement it in existing and new development projects. It is not only to analyze and advocate, but to act. Aware of the challenges facing the world’s children and wary of any and all utopian schemes designed to meet those challenges, the Center exists to make for at least some children what Winston Churchill called “happiness in a world of storm.” The Center’s work can be described in four words:

A. Think. The Center analyzes and aggregates existing research, developing data for improved assessment instruments and convening forums of expertise to increase our knowledge and understanding as it relates to the health, education and welfare of children.
B. Dream. The Center identifies and supports promising social entrepreneurs, providing an incubator for enquiry and experimentation and site-based opportunities for applied innovation.
C. Speak. The Center employs scholarly and professional journals, traditional and new media, and the institutions of civil society to better define the fundamental rights of children, expose their plight, raise public awareness, and advocate on their behalf.
D. Act. The Center brings together corporations, foundations, government agencies, religious and non-profit organizations and concerned citizens to design and build self-reliant communities throughout the world.

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